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ENG – GNAO1 EU Conference 2020

Famiglie GNAO1 hosted the second GNAO1 European Conference online from 1-3 October 2020.

The principal objectives of this conference were: facilitate cross-pollination of research ideas and developments across the globe, continue to build a centre of innovative GNAO1 research and practice in the European Union and generate awareness, so that GNAO1 patients are able to arrive at the proper diagnosis and establish the appropriate clinical and rehabilitation programme as early as possible.

A special thanks to The Bow Foundation (USA), Stichting GNAO1 (NL), GNAO1 España (ES), Mondo GNAO1 (UK), GNAO1 Tuki Ri (FI), Cure GNAO1 (USA) for their role in the organization of the conference.izio di traduzione in simultanea dall’inglese all’italiano.

1 October 2020

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